Compact Stackable Locker

The Compact Stackable Locker creates a compact solution that’s easy to install in any application. The small overall size means this discreet pistol and TASER Device storage locker can easily be added to another weapon storage system – like the weapon locker or bi-fold weapon rack.

The 4 compartments are large enough to securely store a handgun or TASER Device, ammo and accessories. All of the locker’s compartments come with rubber-matting inlay to protect your firearms.

The all-welded steel construction, interior full-length hinges and 3-digit combination lock make the Compact Stackable Locker difficult to penetrate. If you’d like a more advanced lock, browse our lock collection which includes the Comp-X Digital Lock with Audit Trail technology, combination locks or high-security Abloy locks.

The Compact Stackable Locker stores up to 4 pistols or TASER Devices along with their ammunition and accessories. The compartment size (5“H x 6“W x 14“D) offers more than enough room to store equipment such as body cameras, radios, ammo and more. The rubber matting on the bottom of each compartment ensures whatever you store is safe from any scratches.

The compact size of the compartments make this locker a great solution for more than just pistol and TASER Device storage. Store optics such as scopes or night vision googles, or equipment like pepper spray and batons.

Compact Stackable Lockers don’t require any re-configuring to the unit. The compartments are empty with enough room for standard-issue TASER Devices and handguns.

The lockers can easily be mounted to a wall and secured side-by-side and on top of each other. This makes it a great solution to mount to another weapon storage solution. Changing this style of configuration is simple. Easily add more lockers, or move them around to suit a changing or growing weapon armory.

More Details

This secure solution can easily be mounted on other weapon storage products and most work surfaces. Designed for maximum versatility, the locker can also be fixed to a wall. Add the locker to your existing weapon storage system as your handgun and TASER Device storage requirements grow.


12.5 in. H x 14 in. W x 15 in. D

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