Event Locker

Event Lockers are strong, secure lockers for storing clothing, footwear and personal items. They are ideal for changerooms and hallways.

The perforated door and sides make the Event Locker perfect for storing wet and sweaty gear. The vented locker body allows for regular airflow through the locker to prevent your items from becoming musty.

Our design is made with thick steel and powder coated in a color finish to help it stand the test of time. These incredibly strong lockers can handle heavy use without issue.

Storage space for Event Lockers depends on the configuration. We offer a variety a tier options along with many heights, widths and depths.

Event Lockers are designed to accommodate clothing, footwear and gear for personal use or for storing company uniforms.

More Details

Event Lockers can form banks along a wall or attached together to create aisles – perfect for locker rooms.

We offer a graffiti-resistant powder coat finish upgrade. Use our special spray and simply wipe off any graffiti.

Event Lockers can be built with a number of additional components. Contact us to build your lockers today.


The Event locker comes in many sizes and variations to suit any application.

Our 60-in. tall locker is available in 1, 2 & 5 tier options, with 4 different widths and 5 different depths. The 72-in. tall Event locker is available in 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 tier options with the same standard width and depth options as the 60-in. tall locker.

We also offer short configurations – 36 in. tall and 48 in. tall – which are perfect for younger people or creating a solution with a tabletop.

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