Laptop Storage Tower

The Laptop Storage Tower is the ideal compact powered storage solution for securing your laptops.

The laptop storage tower has 7 individually-locking compartments. Each compartment is equipped with a single 110v power outlet for charging. A perforated back panel allows air circulation, which helps prevent laptops from overheating.

The Laptop Tower is designed for secure storage. The body of the cabinet is fully-welded and made with heavy-gauge steel. Each compartment door is secured with its own lock and attached with a full-length interior concealed hinge. If you need to protect your valuable laptops, devices and information, this is the solution for you.

The Laptop Storage Tower can store and charge up to 7 laptops at once (1 in each compartment). The compartments are large enough to store an additional laptop or tablet in each compartment, but only one can charge at a time.

The compartments are also great for storing multiple tablets, cameras, audio-recording equipment and other devices. Think outside the box and use the tower to store any compact powered gear.

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Laptop Storage Towers can be attached together to build a larger powered storage solution. They easily stack one on top of the other and fasten side-to-side, allowing you to create a solution as unique as your needs.

The Laptop Storage Tower comes in gray Santex finish and ships assembled. Once the tower arrives, all you need to do is put it in place, plug it in and securely store your laptops and other valuables.


34 in. H x 15 in. W x 18 in. D

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