Pass-Through Evidence Storage

Pass-Through Evidence Storage systems securely store and organize evidence as it transits through the storage process. The pass-through design is great for new evidence storage rooms and can also be retrofitted into an existing evidence room.

The pass-through system is designed to be installed in a wall or as part of a protective barrier and be accessed from both sides. The locker-style compartments on the front are free to open for officers to deposit evidence into. Once evidence is deposited into a compartment it is locked and no one can access the evidence from the front.

The chief evidence manager is able to access and collect evidence from all compartments using the security gate on the rear of the system. The gate grants access to each compartment so that long-term evidence storage can continue to process items. Once evidence is cleared from the compartment, the front door unlocks and the compartment becomes available for the next officer to deposit evidence.

Pass-Through Evidence Storage systems can accommodate large and small pieces of evidence. We offer a variety of configurations and depths that allow you to tailor the system to your exact needs.

Select a single-tier compartment to store long, slender items such as firearms, poles, etc. Our smaller 6-tier compartments are perfect for smaller items such as handguns, batons and more. Check out the dimensions below for a sense of what each compartment can accommodate.

  • Single-tier compartment dimensions – 66” H x 9” W
  • Double-tier compartment dimensions – 32 ½” H x 9” W
  • Triple-tier compartment dimensions – 21 ¼” H x 9” W
  • 4-tier compartment dimensions – 15 ¾” H x 9” W
  • 6-tier compartment dimensions – 11 ½” H x 9” W

Pass-Through Evidence Storage systems can be configured at our facility to suit your storage needs and chain-of-custody model.

Once installed, the system is a lot harder to reconfigure. The main option for reconfiguration is retrofitting the frames and doors to change the compartment configuration.

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Pass-Through Evidence Storage systems are constructed with heavy-gauge steel. The body is constructed with 16-gauge steel and is welded and riveted together for superior strength. The double-walled doors are manufactured using 14-gauge steel. The doors are mounted with full-length, concealed piano hinges.

All front compartments are equipped with our quiet-close and stay-closed features.

The rear security gate is equipped with an Abloy lock and key.


  • 72“H x 36“W x 12“D
  • 72“H x 36“W x 15“D
  • 72“H x 36“W x 18“D

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