Pistol Cabinet

The Pistol Cabinet maximizes pistol storage to keep your force’s handguns secure and organized. The 5-drawer cabinet is all welded and constructed of heavy-gauge steel. The 5 drawers slide effortlessly on full-suspension easy-glide arms and include a rubber matting inlay to protect your firearms.

All 5 drawers are locked using a single lock. Choose a high-security digital lock for limited access and increased accountability.

Pistol Cabinets can store up to 150 handguns and their ammunition.

Our handgun insert fits perfectly in to a storage drawer and organizes 30 pistols and their magazines. Our insert is designed for standard issue pistols like Glocks and SIGs (compatible with other models too). Choose to use inserts in all of the drawers to accommodate the maximum number of handguns. Or, use compartment dividers or an empty drawer to store accessories and maintenance equipment.

All pistol cabinets include 5 drawers for storage. How each drawer is configured is up to you – options include the 30-gun insert or compartment dividers. The dividers can be quickly adjusted to form compartments that fit your requirements. All dividers and the insert can be moved from drawer to drawer if you need to reorganize your equipment.

The pistol cabinet can also be configured with a protective rubber matting on the top of the cabinet, which creates a great work and cleaning station.

More Details

The all-steel pistol cabinet ships fully assembled with all components installed. The cabinet is ready to use and store pistols, just place it in your armory, maintenance station or deployment area. The pistol cabinet is also great for training ranges as it easily stores any handgun.


45 in. H x 41.5 in. W x 25 in. D

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