Single-Wide Laptop Cabinet

The Single-Wide Laptop Cabinet is designed to be the ultimate powered laptop storage solution. It’s available in 1 size and comes as a powered-only cabinet or powered with a top-mounted 550 CFM fan to increase airflow – ideal for networked laptops.

Single-Wide Laptop Cabinets come with louvered side panels to assist airflow. All laptop storage drawers include a built-in power outlet and are mounted on full-suspension easy-glide arms. For your convenience, each drawer can be networked-cabled and labelled before leaving our facility. You can also equip your cabinet with a powered switch shelf, cable management raceway and more.

The heavy-gauge all-welded steel construction creates a very secure cabinet. The front of the laptop cabinet is protected by an all-steel bi-parting tambour door, equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism and a security locking bar. The security locking bar lets you add a padlock of your choice for additional security. Different lock options are available for the laptop cabinet.

Single-Wide Laptop Cabinets can accommodate up to 14 laptops using the open-style, non-secure powered drawers. If the cabinet is outfitted with the secure powered drawers, the laptop cabinet will hold up to 9 laptops. The 21.5” wide drawers can easily store most large laptops.

The switch shelf option allows you to mount your switch and/or router right inside the laptop cabinet. This makes networking, cable management and maintenance convenient with everything in one location.

The laptop cabinet can accommodate more than just laptops. Equip it with a bin storage drawer to securely store your laptop accessories in the same cabinet as your computers.

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The Single-Wide Laptop Cabinet is available in black Santex finish and ships fully assembled with all your chosen components. It arrives ready to plug in and store your laptops and equipment.


64.5 in. H x 25 in. W x 24 in. D (power only)
69.5 in. H x 25 in. W x 24 in. D (with the fan)

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