TASER Device Cabinet

Securely store your team’s TASER Devices in a compact cabinet.

The TASER Device cabinet takes security to a new level with an optional lockable outer cabinet door and up to 10 locking compartments. Each compartment can be uniquely keyed along with a master key, or choose another lock, including the new Comp-X Digital Lock with Audit Trail. The TASER Device compartments are mounted on full-suspension, easy-glide drawer hardware. Outfit each drawer with available factory-installed power outlets.

The TASER Device cabinet can accommodate up to 20 conducted electrical weapons and other equipment with it’s powered drawers. The compartments offer room for charges and accessories like body cameras. The optional empty cabinet, which has no drawers, but has an optional shelf, provides lots of space for any extra equipment.

The compartments can also be used to store other sidearms and equipment like handguns, ammo, less lethal weapons and more.


There are many ways to reconfigure a TASER Device cabinet to make it the perfect storage solution for you. Choose to add powered secure drawers – perfect for accessories, or switch the locks to meet restricted-access requirements.

Change the size and storage space offered by a cabinet with a 10” riser or another cabinet. The TASER Device cabinet (fully configured) can be secured one on top of another one for more TASER Device storage – or empty for gear and accessories.

More Details

TASER Device Cabinets and components are constructed with heavy-duty steel. All of the components you choose come assembled and ready to use. Plug it in, administer keys or combinations and store your TASER Devices.


26 in. H x 23 in. W x 22 in. D

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