Weapon Wall Panels

Weapon Wall Panels save floor space and allow for open storage of your weapon inventory.

We reengineered our universal back panel to introduce a unique solution – wall mounted panels. The sturdy 16-gauge steel panels mount to any wall and store long guns, handguns, TASER Devices and accessories. Open-access to weapons make wall panels a great solution for maintenance stations, quick deployment areas and showrooms.

Make this solution as unique as your armory with over 50 weapon storage components for rifles, carbines, shotguns, handguns, TASER Devices, ammo and accessories.

Weapon wall panels accommodate any small arm storage requirement. The wall-mounted weapon panels easily store rifles, carbines, shotguns, handguns, TASER Devices, ammo and all your accessories.

The number of weapons you can store with wall panels is determined by the amount of wall space and panels you decide to use. Add panels to easily expand a growing armory.

Weapon wall panels are not suitable for storing large arms like grenade launchers and .50 cal M2s because they require a unique base. If you have larger weapons and would like a similar solution, check out our Expandable Weapon Racks.

Weapon wall panels reconfigure in seconds. Weapon storage components simply slide into the openings on the wall panel and just need to be lifted out of place to move. Change the layout of the wall panels using existing storage components, or add more panels and more components to accommodate a growing weapon collection.

Over 50 weapon storage components allow you to create or change the layout to match your unique weapon situation.

More Details

Weapon Wall Panels are available in black Santex – all components are gray. Mounting holes are located along the perimeter of the panel and are spaced every 8 inches for secure installation. With two standard panel sizes, the ability to add more panels and a wide selection of weapon storage components, allow you to make the ideal storage system for your firearms.


24 in. H x 34 in. W
24 in. H x 40 in. W

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