Closed-Back Evidence Storage

Closed-Back Evidence Storage systems are the ideal way to control the flow and custody of evidence in your department. Whether you’re building a new evidence room or retrofitting an existing one, this strong, secure, steel system will keep your evidence safe and organized.

The closed-back system can only be accessed from the front compartments. Evidence is deposited and retrieved through the same side. Officers select an open compartment and deposit the evidence. The compartment is then completely locked while evidence is stored. When it is time to transition evidence, the chief evidence manager can unlock all of the front compartments to process evidence. Once evidence has been removed, the compartment becomes available for the next officer to deposit new evidence.

The system is very secure. All Closed-Back Evidence Storage systems are constructed with heavy-gauge steel for both the body and doors. The doors are attached using full-length concealed piano hinges. The compartments also feature our quiet-close and stay-closed technology.

Closed Back-Evidence Storage systems can accommodate a lot of evidence whether it is big or small. We offer a variety of compartment sizes and three different depth options to choose from.

Select a single-tier evidence storage configuration for your larger items. Small evidence items are easily stored in our 6-tier compartment configuration. For everything in between, we also offer 2, 3 and 4-tier configurations

  • Single-tier compartment dimensions – 66” H x 9” W
  • Double-tier compartment dimensions – 32 ½” H x 9” W
  • Triple-tier compartment dimensions – 21 ¼” H x 9” W
  • 4-tier compartment dimensions – 15 ¾” H x 9” W
  • 6-tier compartment dimensions – 11 ½” H x 9” W

Closed-Back Evidence Storage systems can be configured to suit your storage needs and chain-of-custody model. You can select the number and size of your compartments from our list of options. We have single and double-tier compartments for larger items. For smaller evidence items, we offer 3, 4 and 6-tier compartment options.

Once installed, Closed-Back Evidence Storage systems aren’t easily reconfigurable. We would recommend adding to your existing unit. There is also an option to retrofit the compartment frames and doors.

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Closed-Back Evidence Storage systems are designed to be placed against a wall or barrier and only be accessed from the front. All evidence storage systems are powder-coated in a charcoal finish before leaving our facility.

Configure the system to suit your needs with a variety of compartment setups and depths.


  • 72“H x 36“W x 12“D
  • 72“H x 36“W x 15“D
  • 72“H x 36“W x 18“D

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