Weapon Storage Mobile Cart

The Weapon Storage Mobile Cart is the perfect solution for transporting weapons, ammo and accessories. Easily move weapons around the armory, load them into vehicles or transport firearms from the armory to the nearest training facility.

The cart is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and includes built-in carry handles and 4 heavy-duty casters (2 are lockable). The weapon storage cart mobile is double-sided and is equipped with our universal back panel on both sides. The 34 ¼” width allows the cart to easily pass through most doorways.

The double-sided weapon storage cart can hold up to 10 long guns on each side – for a total of 20 rifles, carbines or shotguns.

The standard universal back panel can accommodate over 50 weapon storage components, so you can build a cart that accommodates all of your weapon transport needs. Use the cart to transport up to 20 long guns or outfit it with other components to move pistols, TASER Devices, ammo and more – the choice is yours.

The Weapon Storage Cart can be quickly reconfigured. Our weapon storage component options are easily inserted and removed from the back panel. To remove a weapon storage component, lift the component up (near the panel) and pull it out.

This feature is critical for transporting weapons. The ability to use one cart to transport any kind of weapon saves space and time. Use the same cart for your entire armory– simply switch out components on the fly.

More Details

The weapon cart is ready to go where you go. The heavy-duty welded-on handles make steering a breeze and the wheels lock to keep your weapons beside you at all times. Since the cart will be moving around, we created seismic components and Velcro straps to hold your valuable weapons on the cart at all times – don’t worry about quick turns or bumps.


49.5 in. H x 34.25 in. W x 26.75 in. D

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