Expandable Weapon Racks

Expandable Weapon Racks are the most versatile open-access weapon storage system available on the market.

Expandable racks create a freestanding wall that can be made taller and wider with additional panels – ideal for a growing armory. The all-steel panels incorporate our universal back panel design to accommodate all kinds of unique storage components and layout configurations. The panels are durable and strong enough to support all kinds of weapons from pistols to grenade launchers.

Available in both single-sided and double-sided models, this weapon storage solution allows you to create aisles and maximize every inch of space in your armory.



There’s no limit to how many weapons you can store with Expandable Weapon Racks. You can use one panel for smaller storage applications or make the rack as big as your room – the possibilities are endless.

Expandable Weapon Racks are also compatible with the most weapon storage components so you can store all types of firearms. Choose from over 100 weapon storage components to create a truly unique solution for your armory.

Reconfiguring Expandable Weapon Racks is easy. Additional posts and attachments are designed to quickly attach to an existing rack so you can add more panels. Reconfiguring a rack to make it taller or wider just requires additional panels.

All of the components slide into place and integrate with the panels, so changing the component layout on the rack is easy. Simply slide the components up and out of place and rearrange them in seconds to create a new layout for your changing armory.

More Details

Expandable Weapon Racks are made with an all-steel construction that’s powder-coated with a gray Santex finish. Their modular design makes onsite assembly easy and allows you to configure components exactly how you need them.


50 in. H x 34 in. W
50 in. H x 40 in. W
84 in. H x 34 in. W
84 in. H x 40 in. W


34 in. H. x 34 in. W.
34 in. H. x 34 in. W.
12 in. H. x 40 in. W.
12 in. H. x 34 in. W.

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