Tactical Locker

Designed to store gear and weapons in a single locker, the Tactical Locker is perfect for quick deployment areas and team rooms.

Heavy-gauge steel and all-welded construction mean this locker can take everything you can throw at it or in it. Vented top and bottom compartments allow airflow – perfect for weapons and sweaty/wet equipment.

The bottom drawer rolls out for easy access, while the top compartment is equipped with a heavy-duty shelf, hooks, hanger bar and our universal back panel for storing weapons and accessories.

The Tactical Locker can accommodate all the gear a person needs for their job in the military, policing or in security.

The main compartment has a heavy-duty shelf to store heavy cases and works great for helmets and other bulky accessories. Below that are hooks and a hanger bar for uniforms, vests, and more. The back of the locker is made with our universal back panel – which along with components, can store standard-issue long guns, sidearms, ammunition, radios, body cameras and everything else a tactical team member requires.

The bottom compartment features a large roll-out bin drawer to hold boots and other large heavy items. A built-in bench provides the perfect place to get ready for the task at hand.

A built-in reinforced universal back panel means the interior storage layout can be adjusted in seconds. Over 55 weapon storage component options easily slide into place on the panel and can be reconfigured to meet changing storage needs.

All components are made from heavy-gauge steel and are capable of storing everything from long guns to ceremonial swords and more. Create a solution as unique as your storage need and change it in seconds with our universal back panel and component options.

More Details

Tactical Lockers are designed to attach together or stand out on their own. Secure lockers together in a bank and/or back-to-back for team use in police departments, tactical units and security stations. Combine them with Duty Bag Lockers for extra storage.

Tactical Lockers are available in gray Santex power-coat finish and ship fully assembled, including drawers and doors. They just need to be installed – mount them to the wall or each other. Tactical Lockers come standard with a metal seat for the bench – wooden butcher’s block seats are available.


76” H x 24” W x 24” D
76” H x 18” W x 24” D

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