Small Arms Locker

The small arms weapon locker is designed for securing weapons and keeping them out of sight.

This compact locker is made with heavy-gauge steel to protect your weapon collection. The double-wall door is attached with a full-length interior concealed hinge and is secured with a padlock hasp to keep weapons safe. The solid door keeps firearms hidden, which makes this locker a great, discreet storage system for any environment.

Order this solution for your home, armory or security outpost today.

The Small Arms Locker is large enough to accommodate a small weapon collection. The standard configuration holds 6 long guns, 3 sidearms and ammunition storage with room left over for gear.

Reconfigure components to store more weapons and accessories. Over 35 components let you store a variety of firearms so you can build the right system for your needs.

Adjusting a Small Arms Locker is easy because the locker is equipped with our universal back panel. Change the interior configuration by sliding components in and out of the back panel. The components integrate into the back panel to provide durable and sturdy storage for your guns.

More Details

Small Arms Lockers are shipped fully assembled. The body of the locker is painted light gray and the door is painted gun metal gray.


72 in. H x 24 in. W x 15 in. D

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